Lift & Shift Movers Basic Liability Policy extends “Standard Moving Industry Liability Coverage” to our clients at no extra charge. This coverage limits our liability to a maximum of $0.60 per pound for each handled item. Additionally, our maximum liability for damages to surrounding structures (doors, floors, walls, driveways, etc.) is capped at $500.00 or 10% of the invoice value, whichever is less. Clients have the option to opt for Upgraded Liability Coverage, available at an additional cost, and must confirm this choice in writing before the move. Contact us ahead of your move for more details on Upgraded Liability coverage.

Regardless of the selected liability limits or the party responsible for packing and preparation, Lift & Shift Movers will not be held liable for claims resulting from:

  1. Pre-existing Damage or Prior Repairs: Including losses or damage not directly caused by Lift & Shift Movers. damages resulting from an “inherent vice,” or damages deemed consequential by Lift & Shift Movers.
  2. Items Left Unpacked by the Customer: This includes vases, pictures, mirrors, bikes, speakers, etc.
  3. Loss or Damage When the Customer is Absent: For any article where the customer is not present at the origin or destination.
  4. Contents of Unpacked Boxes: Marble, granite, glass, antique items not packed and crated by Lift & Shift Movers, and high-value items such as rare stamps, jewelry, cash, etc.
  5. Articles of Sentimental or Intangible Value: Such as photographs, letters, or data and applications stored on computers. These items should be personally moved by the client.
  6. Items with Extraordinary Value: Works of art, unless specifically declared, described, and detailed with corresponding values before the move to qualify for Upgraded Liability Coverage.
  7. Inner Workings of Appliances, Electronics, Machinery: Including exercise equipment, TVs, clocks, and musical instruments, irrespective of the party responsible for packing.
  8. Loss or Damage to “Complete Sets”: In the event that one item of a set is lost or damaged, compensation will only cover the single item affected.
  9. Damage to Furniture Items Made of Press-board or Particle-board: Such as IKEA brand furniture, as these items may not be designed to withstand the stresses of a move.
  10. Damage to Walls, Stairs, Doors: When moving an item with less than 5 CMS of clearance between all sides and walls, doors, or stairs.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Basic Liability Protection, please contact us at or call us at (your contact number). Your understanding of and agreement to these terms are essential before proceeding with our services.